With 24 breweries (and more on the way!) Bend has become the Hotbed of Hops, the Napa of Beer.  Deschutes Brewery paved the way by starting our first brewery in 1988 and continues to be the gold standard that the rest of our breweries are measured against.

Bend has embraced the beer culture, and it suits our town quite well! The Bend Ale Trail and associated passport encourages participants to visit 18 of Bend's local breweries. Ten stamps in your passport will earn you a limited edition Silipint from the Bend Visitor Center. And if you participate in November, you can earn even more prizes! 

The Cycle Pub has become a staple of our town.  It’s an invention that must be seen to be appreciated, and one that will certainly leave you saying, “That’s so Bend.”

Without further ado, links to our favorite breweries and our favorite go-to Pint’s at each.  Our apologies if we’ve left your favorite off the list!


Deschutes Brewery: The Godfather of Hops in Bend.  
Favorite Brew: Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

10 Barrel Brewing Co: This longtime local’s favorite, once known as Wildfire Brewing, has caught fire up and down the West Coast.  
Favorite Brew: Sinistor Black Ale.

Boneyard Beer: Its name derives from the boneyard of used brewing pieces creatively put together to make an upstart brewery.  
Favorite Brew: RPM IPA.

Crux Fermentation Project: Founded by Deschutes Brewery’s Master Brewer of over a decade, Crux specializes in experimental beers. 
Favorite Brew: Sugar Daddy SPA.

Cascade Lakes Brewing Company: A long-time staple in Central Oregon, The Cascade Lakes Lodge is one of the town’s favorite Apres Ski locations.  
Favorite Brew: Project X NW Pale Ale.

Goodlife Brewing Company: Another locals' favorite, Goodlife is known for producing exceptional craft ales. 
Favorite Brew: Sweet As Pacific Ale.

There are too many other great breweries to list, but the above will give you a great start around Central Oregon.  Below are some other handy links for Beer in Bend.

Bend Ale Trail

Cycle Pub (A must-do in Bend!)

The Bend (Can accommodate tours of up to 30 people.)