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After our initial consult, we should have a clear picture of what you want, your goals and the timing of your purchase. Our next step will be to go look at properties. It is super important to match our baseline formed at our initial consult with actual properties. Physically walking through a home will allow you to feel how you connect with it, you can see what you really like (and don’t like), you’ll see what you resonate with, what kinds of finishes you are drawn to, and your preferences on style and space. On paper, a home may look perfect, but as you walk through it, it doesn’t always resonate. It is really important for you and really fun for us to get to spend time together, walking through properties and getting to know exactly what you love and really concentrate on that.

During the walk-through process, in addition to getting inside homes, you will also be getting a feel for the communities and neighborhoods. Visiting a neighborhood with smaller lots will help you determine if that kind of property is a good fit or if you want more elbow room. A neighborhood with lots of kids and families playing outside would be a good fit for a young family. Exploring the topography of the neighborhood and seeing its proximity to schools, parks, etc. will help you decide on the property that is right for you. There is no substitute for getting out and walking properties and getting a feel for all that Bend and the surrounding communities have to offer.

Currently many homes on the market have virtual tours available online. Whether it be a simple video walk-through or a high-tech, 3D rendition that allows you to “walk” through the home and even take measurements of rooms and spaces, these virtual tours will give you a feel for a home. These virtual tours are especially helpful for out-of-town buyers.

There are many neighborhoods to choose from in Bend. From high-end golf resorts with amenities to family-oriented starter neighborhoods, Bend is diverse. Why not explore some of our favorite Neighborhoods?

You can also look HERE for a map of all current listings on MLS – the Multiple Listing Service of Central Oregon.

Watch this video to learn more about home tours and then discover more about Preapproval and Making an Offer on a home.