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One of our favorite parts of the buying process is negotiations. Negotiations are, in our opinion, an artform. Negotiations are all about presentation and communication. The National Association of Realtors estimates that over the next year, one in four properties will have multiple offers. With multiple offers, you need an experienced broker and team, like Team Bend Property Pros, to gain the advantage. We have valuable relationships with listing agents and know what resonates with them, we are up-to-date on current and expected housing inventory, we know the speed of each price range and what is going to help your offer really stand out.

Through negotiations, we believe we can help you financially in the long run by helping you get your property for the right price, right fit and right value. We believe that through kindness and good communication we can get further both in life and negotiations. If we make an offer that is lower than the seller is expecting, we can present the offer with helpful background information to justify the price reduction. Working together we can tell your background and story in a heartfelt manner with the hopes of connecting with the seller and their broker. Through due diligence we can find out from the listing broker what is most important to the seller. Oftentimes we can offer more of what the seller is looking for and in return ask for help on our side of the deal.

We know that you, the buyer, have a certain amount that you are able or willing to spend on a home. We also know what a home is worth based on the current market and other factors. In addition to sales price, items that can be negotiated include closing and possession dates, club membership fees, seller-paid closing costs, etc. When it comes to negotiations, we are here to get you the best possible buying scenario.

Watch and see why Caleb and Ellie love negotiations! Next up, we'll talk about your home Inspection.