See something you like? Let’s talk! We’d like to get to know you and you us. While Central Oregon has over 2,000 real estate agents actively working, helping people buy and sell homes, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to become your favorite new realtors! We have vast experience in real estate (licensed in 2005), and expansive knowledge in current market trends, financial considerations, business, marketing, golf and other resorts, schools and expertise that only a local will have.  

When we meet, in addition to getting to know you and learning more about what you are looking for, we can review your initial home selections and make additional recommendations. With our local knowledge and extensive experience buying and selling homes, we are very skilled at helping clients find a home that fits who they are and what they want.


Currently many homes on the market have virtual tours available online. Whether it be a simple video walk-through or a high-tech, 3D rendition that allows you to “walk” through the home and even take measurements of rooms and spaces, these virtual tours will give you a feel for a home. These virtual tours are especially helpful for out-of-town buyers.

If you are shopping locally, why not take a drive by the home you are interested. Do you like the feel of the neighborhood? Is the location what you are looking for? Is it close to the services and amenities that you need? Is it private and quiet, or maybe active and social? Is it close to your children’s schools? Also consider driving by at different times of day.

Once you find a home that you want a closer look at, we can schedule a walk-through appointment. And when you've identified your dream home, it's time for Making an Offer and Negotiations!