Next, we will schedule a professional, whole house inspection. A professional inspector looks beyond the new paint and polished windows and examines the minor and major details of the home that can become major issues if not identified and addressed. Some homes come through the inspection process with flying colors, whereas other homes have a long list of issues identified. Here, again, we will negotiate with the seller’s agent, identifying what repairs we feel are most important and that we feel the seller should be responsible for. All of this takes place during the Inspection Contingency Period, which is typically 10 full business days from the time that the contract is agreed upon. We hope your dream home doesn’t have major issues, but if it does, we will make recommendations based on our vast experience of helping hundreds of clients purchase new homes.  We always like to discuss and make sure you’re are fully aware of what you are buying and how to best care for and protect your home and investment.

During the Inspection Contingency Period, you will also be working with your mortgage lender, if you have one, providing them with essential information necessary to get your loan approved by the lender. We will also perform due diligence on the property, examining what we can of the property, thereby avoiding unpleasant surprises further in.

Let's move on to the Preliminary Title Report and Appraisal