Selling Your Home - ClosingCALEB & ELLIE BPPS crpd2.jpg

Did you know that you can sign closing documents a week or two before the close date? If you have a vacation planned or other things going on, you don’t have to wait for the buyer’s loan documents to come in to sign your documents. This is a great option that many sellers are unaware of.

We want to make sure the closing process is as seamless as possible for you and also for the new homebuyers. We will reach out to you in the last week or two with email reminders. We will provide you with utility information to help you make sure that your utilities are transferred over to the new homeowners on the day that the property closes. Additionally, you will want to:

  • Forward your mail service to your next property,
  • Collect any keys that go to your property,
  • Get a mailbox key for your property and write down the location of your mailbox and mailbox number,
  • Collect your garage door openers, and
  • Set aside appliance owner’s manuals, floor plans, and any other documents that will be helpful to the new homeowner.

Are there any utilities unique to your home or any helpful contacts for landscapers or other service providers for your property? We would be happy to share that information with the new homeowners and ensure a great start for the new owners with the hope that they will love the home as much as you have.