Getting Started

You are ready to sell your home or property. You’ve decided to have a licensed realtor help you with that endeavor. Now what?

We hope that you’ve heard good things about us and our company and that you are ready to take some time to meet with us, get to know us and our processes, and have us over to tour your home. During our tour we can make a careful evaluation of your home and give any specific pointers that will help it to sell for the most money possible. We will do most of the hard work for you. There are a few things that you will need to do though before we can list your house and make it “Active” on the market. Here is an excellent checklist for Prepping Your Home for the Market

Before we can sell your home, you need to prepare your house for sale. Now is the time to make your home attractive to a potential buyer. We want to present your home in the best light; we need your help with that. We can recommend local contractors to help you with any needed repairs. Keep receipts for all maintenance and improvements. These are helpful during the inspection phase of a home sale.

Also, please make sure your smoke alarms are not past their expiration dates. Did you know that smoke detectors expire? Old detectors must be replaced before a home sale can close. Smoke detectors expire every 10 years. If yours are 9+ years old, it is best to replace them before listing your home. If you do it ahead of time you will have one less item mentioned on the home inspection. Many homes do not have carbon monoxide detectors installed if the home has not been sold in the past 10 years. These are now required in all homes. You must have CO detectors installed within 15 feet outside of each bedroom door. We can help you determine where these need to be installed in your home.

Have you had your HVAC system serviced regularly? Experts recommend having it serviced at least once a year. Keep track of receipts so they can be provided to the buyer once an offer is accepted. Also, make sure the filter is clean prior to inspection.

Follow this Seller Pre-Inspection Checklist to prepare your home for the inevitable professional home inspection that will be ordered once an offer is made.

Once you’ve readied your home, it’s time for an Initial Interview and Walk Through