Initial Interview and Walk Through

Contact us for an initial interview and a walk-through of your home and property. We will perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and determine the best price to list your home at. Many homeowners have seen values listed online for their home that look impressive. Please keep in mind that we have much more information available to us and have been in or sold a lot of the comparative homes used to help determine the value of your home. We are able to be much more accurate on the fair market value of your home. We will research homes similar to yours that have sold in the area recently. Your home value is based on several factors including location, square footage, age, construction type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. It is also based on current market trends.

At this point in the process, we ask that you trust us. We take a great deal of care, effort, and reliance on all our vast experience to maximize your selling price.  If you are hoping that we will market your home with a higher than market value price tag in hopes that someone from an outside area, that might not be savvy on current market conditions and prices, snatches it up, we are likely not the agents for you. We’ve been successfully selling homes for our clients since 2005. We have a tremendous amount of experience selling homes in Central Oregon and always do our best to get as much value out of your home for you as possible. We consider all the factors that are most important to you in pricing your home. It is imperative to price your home as accurately as possible with the conditions of the market at the time of listing to maximize your selling price.  If we market your home for too high of an asking price, other agents and buyers will know or perceive it is overpriced and will either want to negotiate the price down or not be interested in even making an offer. If we market your home for too low of a price, you will lose out on thousands of dollars of potential equity. While we don’t control the market and what homes are selling for, we can make sure that we price your home at current value and help you sell your home for what it is truly worth.

Let’s consider the next step in the home selling process: The Listing Contract and Property Disclosure