Listing Contract and Property Disclosure

A Listing Contract will outline our agreement with you regarding the sale of your home. The contract includes dates of when we will begin marketing your home and when the contract will end in the case of no sale, and includes the amount of commission that will be paid on the sale and acceptance of online marketing of your property. The commission is paid by the seller (in all cases) and is split between the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent. It is oftentimes further split between team members and referring agents.

Once the Listing Contract is signed by everyone, we will provide you with a Seller’s Property Disclosure. This form consists of an extensive list of questions regarding your property. Answer every question honestly and don’t omit any details. This disclosure will be made available to any buyer that makes an offer on your home. We are here to help you complete the form, so please reach out to us!

Next, we will arrange for our photographer to capture your home for marketing. Let’s look at what marketing means for your home and property.