Where Do You Want to Live?

Where do you want to buy? Bend, Oregon is an amazing place to live!

Having lived here since 1995, we are blessed to call Bend home. We are raising our young family here and love the opportunities available for us and our children. Our parents and Ellie’s siblings live here too. We can’t imagine living anywhere else! While Bend’s population has been growing fast, thanks to many people recognizing what an awesome place Central Oregon is, Bend is maintaining its close-to-nature feel, pub and brewery experience (it’s all about the water!) and resort lifestyle.

Living here for so long gives us the added advantage of knowing more intimately the pros and cons of neighborhoods, schools, locations, activities and all other things related to finding the perfect home and fit for you and your family! 

There are many neighborhoods to choose from in Bend. From high-end golf resorts with amenities to family-oriented starter neighborhoods, Bend is diverse. Why not explore some of our favorite Neighborhoods

You can also look HERE for a map of all current listings on MLS – the Multiple Listing Service of Central Oregon.

Once you've found a home or neighborhood that you are interested in, let's talk!